Thracian names in the Park-Hotel Stara Zagora

The connection of the Park Hotel "Stara Zagora" with a Thracian heritage is evident in the names of different parts of the complex. We already talked about the hall-restaurant "Orpheida" whose name is directly related to Orpheus. Thracian is also the name of the Cafe and Piano Bar "Cybele". This is name of Thracian Goddess Mother Earth. Meeting hall "Berenika" is named after the wife of the Thracian king Seuthus III, who after his death, took over the kingdom of Edirne. Conference halls "Leonardo", "Raphael" and "Dionysus" also have names of Thracian origins. There are many suggestions that Leonardo da Vinci had Thracian origins. The Thracian god Dionysus is god of the dying and reviving nature, wine, winemaiking and merriment.
In many of his paintings, the great artist Raphael has used the symbolism of Orphic mysticism. SPA-center in the Park-Hotel "Stara Zagora" is named after the ancient Thracian god of fate, Bedek. Bedechka is his daughter, after whom was named the small river that flows near the complex and enters the lake "Zagorka". Approximately 300 meters upstream of the river have been preserved traces of a Thracian sanctuary in which they were performing priestly rituals for spiritual and physical cleansing through the power of the goddess Bedechka. The business center and exhibition hall "Ever" is named after the Thracian god of the east wind that brings warmth, rain and fertility.