Replica "The Last Supper", author Michael Sazdov

On two opposite walls in the 13-seat conference room "Leonardo" are a copy and a replica of the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci "Last Supper." The author of the replica is famous Bulgarian artist Michael Sazdov. He added interesting details related to Thracian and Bulgarian cultural heritage.
In the replica by Sazdov, the Christ and the apostles are seated at a table on which are arranged typical Bulgarian cultural pottery and vegetables. Right in front of the figure of Christ is depicted a typical Thracian ritual vessel "kantharos" with two handles. At both ends of the tablecloth are visible typical Bulgarian embroidery. In the same place the original of the great Leonardo embroideries are also clearly depicted. On two walls of the room in the original da Vinci perspective are depicted eight Chiprovo carpets with all their wealth of shapes and colors. In three windows behind the figure of Christ is shown a typical Balkan landscape.
As in the painting by da Vinci, and the replica from Michael Sazdov, the viewer empathizes with the dramatic Supper of Christ with the Apostles. The replica by Sazdov, however, aims to highlight the genetic and linguistic connection of Christ with the indigenous tribes of the Balkans. Some researchers argue that during long absences from Nazareth, Christ was not to the east, but to the north, amongst the Thracian tribe Bessi, which was carrying knowledge of mystical Orphism. This explains the similarities between the Thracian ritual of initiation through the consecration of bread and wine and water as described in the New Testament ritual performed by Christ during the "Last Supper."