Replica of fresco from Raphael "Plato and Aristotle," author Michael Sazdov

The replica of the famous fresco of Raphael, dedicated to the theosophist Plato and the philosopher Aristotle contains many intentional changes made by the author - Bulgarian artist Michael Sazdov. The picture adorns the 13-seat conference hall "Raphael" at Park Hotel "Stara Zagora". The figures of Plato and Aristotle occupy the center of the canvas. These giants in science are surrounded by waiting students and teachers. The number of human figures in the composition is not random. It is exactly 28 - as many are the vibrations in the full spectrum of human speech. Today these 28 vibrations are preserved only in Bulgarian speech.
Unlike the original Raphael, in the replica from Michael Sazdov, the colors of the robes of Plato and Aristotle are reversed. Plato is wearing a blue-violet cloak and Aristotle, red-brown robes. This esoteric change emphasizes the role of the media of Spirit and Matter in their equality. This equality is a foundation for creative human happiness. It is that balance and harmony all people seek. In the replica by Sazdov are added a number of Thracian artifacts now housed in the Regional History Museum in Stara Zagora, demonstrating the high culture of the Thracians and their Orphic wisdom.