Park-Hotel „Stara Zagora” – protector of Thracian culture

Presented in Park-Hotel „Stara Zagora” signs, symbols, wall paintings stained glass, sculptures and art panels are devoted to the Thracian culture, little known in the world. Behind its latest reinvention are standing the efforts of a research team from the society "ZIEZI KANAZ". This team was able to finally interpret the mythical key-module, which is encoded in theosophical cosmology, born in the Balkans, of our ancient ancestors. The same esoteric code, with new and modern means of expression, is incorporated in the interior design of the five-star resort, Park-Hotel „Stara Zagora”. In these monumental decorative ornaments can be found unique artifacts demonstrating the high level of this ancient culture and also the orphic sense. They are connected with the Words, Songs, Images, Dances, Numbers, i.e.: with frequency energies of the surrounding world.
The desire of the creators of Park- Hotel "Stara Zagora" is for it’s guests to touch and feel this rediscovered treasure. They can see for themselves their positivity, bringing balance and harmony. It is well known that subliminal perception is the main prerequisite for creative human happiness.
There is no doubt that the meaning of human existence on Earth balances between the spiritual and material world. It is this assumption that underlies both the Theosophical views Orphism and Tangrism and in orthodox Christianity.