Mural ”Orpheus and stars”

After entering the restaurant "Orpheida" we are impressed by the large circular panel "Orpheus and the Stars." It is an exact replica of the most famous image of the singer-healer from Thrace. This inspired image of Orpheus is masterfully carved on an antique vase from the fifth (V) century BC. In the round mural the figure of Orpheus acquires a new inspiration.
His gaze is looking to the stars of the Milky Way. The choice of the constellation is not accidental. According to the Bogomils, these stars are scattered guardians of the Bulgarians, Slavs and Thracians all over the world. Eight are the strings of the harp-healer. In the esoteric, this is the number of God manifested on earth. Amid the endless starry expanse, low down, discreetly depicted is the megalithic sanctuary "Door of the Goddess". The actual sanctuary is located near the village of Kazanlak in Central Buzovgrad forest and has a strong geomagnetic energy center. The framework of this dedicated panel of Orpheus is also unusual. On it are depicted exactly 28 harps - as is the entire spectrum WORD-CREATOR, clearly reflected in the Bulgarian language, literacy and numerical sequences.