Hall-Restaurant „ORPHEIDA”

The name of the restaurant "Orpheida" is related to the existence of ancient Gnostic communities of followers of the Thracian spiritual healer Orpheus. Healing sessions of this high priest through harp sounds are unmatched in antiquity. This synchronizer of energies of man and nature, of light and shadow, has actually done wonders that only now, with new technology can be deciphered. Here the three levels of Orphic initiation are coupled with appropriate symbols and the artistic stained glass mural "Orpheus and the Stars.".
The amphitheater interior layout copies the Orphic doctrine of life, which said each person is part of the whole, but also has the ability to be and will be separated. With these qualities restaurant hall "Orpheida" has become a place for group and individual meetings, anniversaries and weddings. For such events Orphic and modern rituals, combined with ancient recipes and a modern kitchen, intonational surprises and chants guarantee to encourage impulses for creation and creativity, which improve the joy of life.