The secrets of “Golyamata Kosmatka” and The Valley of Thracian Kings

In the Goliama Kosmatka (Big Hairy) Mound is situated one of the most majestic and rich Thracian tombs with a completely preserved grave of a Thracian king, buried with his horse. It was built in the 5th century BC and consists of three chambers and a corridor with total length of 26 meters. The first room is rectangular, and a skeleton of a horse has been discovered in it. The second room is round, with a beautiful 450 cm tall dome-shaped roof. There is a marble door with images of people at the entrance of this room. The third room is a monolithic granite block - a sarcophagus with a weight of about 60 tons.There is an inner room, carved into it with great precision, and inside it is the stonebed of the Thracian ruler who was buried here. 

In the “Svetitsa” mound, about 2 km from the town of Shipka was found a stone tomb shaped like sarcophagus with magnificent for the Thracian culture finds – a unique golden mask and golden ring. The bronze armour, antique pottery and fragments of weapon complete the treasure.

Kazanlak valley is strewn with Thracian funeral mounds, records of the past, visible from all the roads passing through it. Among them is Kazanlak Thracian tomb famous for its remarkable mural paintings in the corridor and dome-shaped chamber – one of the best preserved works of ancient painting.


Guide-book: Take the road to Kazanlak from Park Hotel Stara Zagora. In the city centre of Kazanlak visit the Historical Museum. Then go forward to town of Shipka. The Thracian mounds “Svetitsa” and “Golyamata Kosmatka” are along the road just before the town.