The Sand Glass of The Regional Historical museum – Stara Zagora

East of the building of Stara Zagora State Opera is situated the Regional Historical Museum. It is accomodated in the most modern museum building in Bulgaria. It was officially opened in 2007 for its centennial jubilee and won a prize for Building of the Year.
Today the Stara Zagora museum maintains and attends a number of independent project sites in the town: Neolithic Dwellings (6th millennium BC), Antique Forum Complex 2nd-4th c., Late-antique Residential Home with Mosaics, IV-th c., Late-antique Public Building with Mosaics, 4th-6th c. in the Post-Office building, the Hilendar covenant, the House-Museum of the Town Lifestyle in the 19th c., and others. The institution hosts more than 100,000 original exponents from different epochs.
Exceptional by their value are most of the collections: the prehistoric, the ethnographic and the numismatic, the collection of Thracian chariots, the antique bronze, the antique glass, relicts, connected with the history of the Bulgarian people from the Renaissance until present days.
Unique exponents are a bone idol and a marble anthropomorphic figure (5th millennium B.C.), a helmet-mask, a Sarmatian sword, a golden necklace, lanterns, a glass phial with a dancing woman, a marble statuary group of Orpheus from the antique epoch, a stone plate of a lioness with a cub from the 6th c., a copy of the Slav-Bulgarian History by Paisii of Hilendar, etc. 

Guide-book: Take Han Asparuh Street from Park Hotel Stara Zagora on the west. Turn south at Ruski Boulevard. The building of the museum is about 100 metres after the first traffic lights. There is a comfortable car park near here.