The miracles of Virgin Mary’s footmark

At this very place God himself had touched the land for sure. The God’s Mother herself has left a footmark when setting foot on the rock holding the Infant Jesus in her arms. She had appeared to a faithful Christian tortured by Roman soldiers in order to help him. Since then, there has left a deep enough hollow in the shape of foot’s imprint forming a bathing area where, as it is believed, she bathed Jesus. People then called the site “The Virgin Mary’s footmark”. The water in the imprint does not run dry even in the hottest summer days even though the place around here is too dry and people collect rainwater for the needs of the near chapel “Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary”.
Even in weekdays through the wide dirt road to Virgin Mary’s footmark pass people who come from all over Bulgaria. Since Roman times it is known to be a place with strong energy field and many ill people have managed to heal worming themselves through the cleft cutting the rock with Virgin Mary’s footmark. There are many cases in which childless families have had babies after they had prayed at Virgin Mary’s footmark. A legend tells that if you able to pass through the cleft your sins will be forgiven. In case you are not - it means that you have a guilty conscience and you’ll have to repent. Even whispered wishes come true here…

Guide-book: The site Virgin Mary’s footmark is 1.5km north from Starozagorski Mineral Baths resort in the centre of Sarnena Sredna Gora mountain. You can reach the site on foot, cycling or even by car. The beautiful nature around here makes the trip a real pleasure. You’ll get to Starozagorski Mineral Baths from Park Hotel Stara Zagora through the west exit of the city.