The Memorial of Liberty at Mount Shipka and The Golden Domes of church “Rozhdestvo Hristovo”

When traveling to the Thracian tomb along the road to the town of Shipka your look will inevitably be attracted by the golden shining of the church “Rozhdestvo Hristovo 5 domes. Your ear will be pleased by the chime of its 17 bells. The church keeps evidence for the self-sacrifice feat of the Russian soldiers and the Bulgarian volunteers who perished for the liberation of Bulgaria in Russian-Turkish liberation war (1877-1878). Its building was finished in 1902. The church is a real architectural masterpiece designed by Alexander Pomerantsev and was built in Russian cathedrals traditional style from 17th century. The 4 side domes are 33metres high and the central one – 42metres. The 17 bells weight more than 20 tons. They are decorated with many ornaments, signs and embossments. Ten forged with copper and gold crosses soar above the domes. The highest of them is 4.5m. The big iconostasis inside the church was carved of lime tree and is entirely gold-plated. 
High above the golden domes, on Stara Planina mountain ridge, along Shipka pass soars the Memorial of Liberty. It was dedicated to the Bulgarian volunteers who prejudged the outcome of the war through their self-sacrifice. The Memorial was opened with a ceremony in 1934 by Tsar Boris III. The monument is 31.5-metre high stone tower in the form of truncated pyramid. There is a breathtaking view from its top. 1000 stone steps lead to the Memorial of Liberty.

Guide-book: From Park Hotel Stara Zagora go toward Kazanlak. In the town of roses take direction toward city of Gabrovo through Shika pass. Before the pass there is the church and at the ridge of Stara Planina mountain the Memorial of Liberty expects you.