The biggest Opera Theatre in the Balkans is that of Staza Zagora State Opera

If you are an admirer of opera and ballet arts you have to visit a performance of Stara Zagora State Opera. You will be impressed not only with the amazing plays but also with the architecture of the Opera Theatre. It is the biggest Opera Theatre in the Balkans and the first one in Bulgaria specially built for that purpose. Stara Zagora has given to the world artists such as Hristina Morphova, Anna Tomova Sintova, Stefka Mineva, Veselina Katsarova and many others. The State Opera Theatre was founded in 1925. On this date the first performance took place – the opera “Gergana” by Maestro Atanassov. Stara Zagora State Opera is the first provincial opera theatre in the history of Bulgaria. 
In 1971 was built the new modern building of the opera theatre.
Some of the plays of Stara Zagora State Opera are put up on the restored Roman Forum located immediately to the Opera House. The antique forum includes western gate of Roman city Augusta Trayana, parts of city walls, city moat, square place with pedestal for emperor horse statue, amphitheatre. You can have a walk on one of the main streets of the ancient city directly in front of the Opera House.

Guide book: Take Han asparuh Str from Park Hotel Stara Zagora on the west. Turn south at Ruski Boulevard. The Opera House is immediately after the first traffic lights on the right. There is a convenient car park.