A Walk with the Time Machine: Neolithic Dwellings Museum, Stara Zagora

If chronology begins with the birth of Christ, what lies before the Beginning? What were people like at that time, how they lived, what they believed in ...
Many of the answers to these questions lie in the unique Museum "Neolithic dwellings", Stara Zagora. The museum presents the best preserved dwellings from the New Stone Age in Europe – the middle of 6th millennium BC.
Are you ready to travel 8000 years back in time? How people used to furnish their homes? What they ate, what tools and containers were used, how they used to build their homes, what were their means of livelihoods ?
It is hard for human consciousness to digest so much time ... But the rooms with equipment and household belongings, bread furnaces, quern for wheat milling, hundreds of ceramic articles, furniture, food supply of barley and lentils are not a creation of a virtual restoration but a reality you can even touch…
In 1979 on the site of the finding on 2 Gen.Stoletov Str. a special building was constructed with suitable conditions for preservation of the dwellings. The two one-room dwellings have a common partition wall, covered by a common straw roof.  They had been built from wooden stakes entwined with thin poles, covered with a mixture of clay and straw. 

Guide-book: Take Han Asparuh Street from Park Hotel Stara Zagora on the west along Zagorka brewery. Go forward on Augusta Trayana Street on the west and at the crossroads with Ruski Boulevard turn on the left. At the first traffic lights turn right down Gen. Stoletov Street and go forward about 2km. You’ll find the Neolithic Dwellings museum on 2 Gen Stoletov Str right after the building of the City Hospital.